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Erasmus Mundus Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories

The European Master for Laboratory Accreditation

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Selection criteria

All eligible candidates to EMQAL are evaluated and ranked according to the following criteria:

  1. Quality of previous qualifications - evaluates the academic curriculum of the candidate: previous degrees, post-graduate courses, specialization courses, scientific publications.
  2. Proficiency in languages of the consortium, particularly English.
  3. Motivation and Potential - measures the benefit to the candidate from the Master.
  4. Suitability - match between the candidate’s profile and the Master. Appropriate professional experience is evaluated.
  5. Recommendations - based on the confidential evaluation of the candidate by two referees.

Each criterion A-E is scored 0-5. Only very high quality candidates, with all criteria above 3.5, are accepted to the course.

The scores for all criteria are summed, and candidates are ranked by order of merit according to their global score (17.5-25.0).

Each year, a limited number (n) of Erasmus Mundus grants is available. The n top ranked candidates are selected r the main list of candidates.Geographical balance and gender balance restrictions apply. Not more than 25% of the selected candidates may come from the same country, not more than 20% may come from the same university, and not less than 40% must be female candidates. To comply with these restrictions some candidates may be removed from the main list and replaced by the next ranked candidates in the reserve list.

This evaluation is made by a Selection Committee composed of representatives from each of the partner universities in EMQAL. The results are published in this website as a pre-selection of candidates to EMQAL. this pre-selection is sent to the EACEA, who will give the final approval of the candidates selected for Erasmus Mundus studentships.


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