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Erasmus Mundus Master in Quality in Analytical Laboratories

The European Master for Laboratory Accreditation

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EMQAL is a Joint Master Degree (JMD) high-level integrated international study programme of 120 ECTS

EMQAL is a JMD for Scientists and Managers

Specialize in:
Quality Management

Laboratory analysis

One year of classes

One year of research project (Research Master Thesis)

Study in at least two European Universities

Lectures in English language by experts from European and non-European Universities of the consortium and professionals

Get an European Joint Master Diploma



Finishing academic year 2018-2019, EMQAL is suspended temporarily. Possible EMQAL renewal is under evaluation inside Erasmus Mundus Programme. Present information in the web page corresponds to the previous EMQAL programme. In case of renewal, information will be updated.






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